Associate in Arts: Public Safety Emphasis

60 Credit Hours | Meta-Major Alignment: Public Safety

A meta-major is a collection of academic programs that have common or related content, and the intent is for Florida College System institutions to advise associate degree seeking students based on the selection of a meta-major academic pathway. There are eight meta-majors, and each has gateway courses in English and mathematics that are appropriate for the meta-major.

Public Safety Emphasis - Course Selection

Consult with an NFCC academic advisor to ensure appropriateness of course selection for the Public Safety Emphasis electives. Students are strongly encouraged to choose electives that will enhance their General Education coursework and that will support their baccalaureate degree program.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete at least one Florida General Education Core course, a minimum of 6 hours from each General Education area, and a total of 36 hours of General Education. Any General Education hours completed above the required minimum will count as elective credits toward the A.A. degree.
  • 36 Credit Hours - General Education   
  • 15 Credit Hours - Public Safety Emphasis Electives   
  • 09 Credit Hours - Other Electives
Total Hours Required: 60 Credit Hours

Foreign Language Competency: Associate in Arts degree seeking students initially entering Fall 2014 and thereafter are required to demonstrate foreign language competency. For more information, see an academic advisor.