Combined CJSTC - Corrections and Law Enforcement Basic Dual Certification

Program Code 5045 | 938 Clock Hours

This program is designed as specified by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. It is an application-based program addressing all tasks required for correctional officers and law enforcement officers. Upon completion, recruits must take the State of Florida Officers Certification for both disciplines in order to be eligible for dual certification.

NOTE: This program may be eligible for financial aid.

Admission Requirements

  1. Must not have been convicted or pled guilty to ANY criminal offense involving moral character as defined by 11B.27.0011 FAC.
  2. Must verify current certification in Corrections or Law Enforcement, depending upon program entering.
  3. Must pass the Law Enforcement or Corrections Basic Abilities Test depending upon the program entering. Call ahead to schedule test (850-973-9451).
  4. Must complete the online FAFSA Application to determine federal student loan or PELL.
    (May be exempted)
  5. Must submit an application for admission with payment of the $20 non-refundable fee to the NFCC Office of Admissions.
  6. Must have a high school diploma or GED. Submit final, official, sealed transcripts from your high school/GED and all previously or currently enrolled colleges to the NFCC Office of Admissions.
  7. Must obtain and provide a letter of sponsorship from a local law enforcement agency indicating that the agency has conducted a local records check on applicant and that the applicant’s record is clear as outlined above.
  8. Must be fingerprinted at NFCC for forwarding to FDLE.
  9. Must pass physical fitness exam (Form 75-B.)
  10. Must pass urinalysis test.

Program Courses         

CJK 0300       Introduction to Corrections

CJK 0305       Communications 

CJK 0310       Officer Safety

CJK 0315       Facility and Equipment

CJK 0320       Intake and Release

CJK 0325       Supervising in a Correctional Facility

CJK 0330       Supervising Special Populations

CJK 0335       Responding to Incidents and Emergencies

CJK 0340       Officer Wellness and Physical Abilities

CJK 0051       CMS Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics

CJK 0040       CMS Criminal Justice Firearms

CJK 0031       CMS First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers

Recruit exits the program to take State Officer Certification Exam (SOCE) and may re-enter the program with passing Correctional State Exam to complete the following courses:

CJK 0001       Introduction to Law Enforcement

CJK 0012       Legal

CJK 0013       Interactions in a Diverse Community

CJK 0014       Interviewing and Report Writing

CJK 0064       Fundamentals of Patrol

CJK 0065       Calls for Service 

CJK 0077       Criminal Investigations    

CJK 0078       Crime Scene to Courtroom

CJK 0092       Critical Incidents

CJK 0087       Traffic Stops

CJK 0084       DUI Traffic Stops

CJK 0088       Traffic Crash Investigations

CJK 0393       Cross-Over Program Updates

CJK 0020       CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations

CJK 0422      Dart Firing Stun Gun

Total Clock Hours: 938

Admission, program and degree requirements are subject to change. Contact the NFCC Public Safety Academy for the most current information.