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Through the years the NFCC Artist Series/Children's Theater has brought a variety of age-appropriate programming that features live performances to North Florida. We've featured nine-foot tall puppets, musical shows, Shakespeare plays, and a myriad of other performances that entertain, educate and broaden the lives of young students. If you have questions or comments, please let us hear from you.


Bits 'N Pieces Puppet Theatre presentsPicture of Aesop's Dinosaur Fable Characters

Aesop's Dinosaur Fable

Date: Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018

Times: 9:30 a.m. -or- 11 a.m.

Grades: K-3rd (great for kids age 10 and under)

Cost: $2 per person

Location: NFCC Campus, Van H. Priest Auditorium

The show lasts approximately one hour and is open to K-3rd grade students or children up to age 10.

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About the Show: Bits 'N Pieces Puppet Theatre returns to NFCC's Van H. Priest Auditorium stage to perform ”Aesop’s Dinosaur Fable," a mammoth musical featuring nine-foot-tall, dancing, glow-in-the-dark puppets, live actress wee TryANTasaurus, and animated puppet projections. Based on “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” the Farmer Ant’s Almanac predicts an ICE STORM blowing their way. Soon it’s going to snow and snow and snow. Stage magic and imagination transform the classic story into a musical fable for today full of magical costumes and Aesop’s lesson to “Prepare today for tomorrow.” Don’t miss it!

Actress and puppet builder Holli Rubin performs as wee TryANTasaurus, hardest worker in the forest.  Puppeteer and lyricist Jerry Bickel performs as the happy-footed giant green dinosaur.

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Note: space is limited, make reservations early!