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Who should see an advisor?

All students are strongly encouraged to visit with an academic advisor prior to course registration. The following students must see an academic advisor prior to registration:

  • Students required to register for any Developmental course
  • Students with a ‘hold’ on their registration
  • All new, first time in college students

Dual enrollment students must see their high school counselor for registration. Home school students must see NFCC home school advisor, Bobby Scott.

What are the advantages of seeing an advisor?

Students are strongly encouraged to visit with an academic advisor prior to course registration for the following reasons:

ACADEMIC REVIEW: A thorough review of completed academic coursework and academic progress

CAREER GUIDANCE: Review of completed, current, and future coursework relative to academic, transfer and career goals.

UP TO DATE INFORMATION: Notification of changes to course schedules, program requirements, transfer requirements, important dates and other information necessary to facilitate timely completion of academic goals.

STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: Discussion of non-academic factors (work, family, etc.) and the relationship of each to academic achievement.

Which advisor is best for me?

NFCC advisors are ready to assist any student. However, students in the following categories should see the advisors associated with those categories as indicated:

GENERAL STUDENTS AND FIRST TIME NFCC STUDENTS: Students not included in the below categories and any new students should see Delvin Boatman, Bobby Scott, Lynn Waller or Philip Wilkerson (Bldg. 2).

STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES: Students in the SSS program should see Della Webb, Shontrece McIntyre or (Bldg. 6).

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES: Students with a documented disability should see Della Webb (Bldg. 6).

DUAL ENROLLMENT STUDENTS: Dual enrollment students must see their high school counselor for advisement.

HOME-SCHOOLED STUDENTS: Home-schooled students should see NFCC Dual Enrollment Coordinator Mary Francis Mauldin (Bldg. 2).

CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION: Students in Career and Technical Education programs should see the appropriate contact below:

  • Debbie Bass (Nursing and Allied Health)
  • Mike Kirkland (EMT, Paramedic and Firefighter)
  • Rick Davis (Public Safety Academy, Law Enforcement and Corrections)
  • Marie Guest (Digital Media / Multi-Media Technology)
  • Denise Callaway (Early Childhood Education)

NFCC ADVISORS are ready to assist all current and potential students. Contact your advisor today!


(Bldg. 2)
(Bldg. 7)
(Bldg. 13)
(Bldg. 13)
(Bldg. 35)
(Bldg. 6)
Delvin Boatman (850) 973-9436Marie Guest
(850) 973-9458
Mike Kirkland
(850) 973-1673
Debbie Bass
(850) 973-1662
Rick Davis 
(850) 973-9492
Bobby Scott
(850) 973-9450
    Shontrece McIntyre
(850) 973-1683
Lynn Waller
(850) 973-9462
    Della Webb 
(850) 973-9403

Philip Wilkerson (850) 973-9455


Christopher Neal

(850) 973-1623