The Young Engineers Club provides opportunities for members to participate in projects and competitions related to the field of engineering and the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The club’s activities and projects are intended to promote a spirit of creativity and innovation among members.

Spring Semester 2018:       The Young Engineers Club meets every second Tuesday of the month, 3:00 - 4:00 pm, in the Physics classroom, room 112 in the Science Building # 34.

Aerial photography of NFCC's Driving Range. Members of the YEC are practicing as drone pilots, air traffic controllers, and videographers.

YEC Drone Flight Team
Some of the members of the YEC pose behind their drones after flying and performing aerial photography of the new power substation of Tri-County Electric Cooperative. (Photo courtesy of Kaitlynn Culpepper, TCEC)
Madison Water Tower
City of Madison Water Tower
Campus Flyover
NFCC Campus Flyover - Lake Osceola and Wood Duck Pond
Young Engineers club
At NFCC students participating in the Young Engineers Club not only have fun with drones but also acquire skills for flying UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) proficiently, safely and purposefully. Knowledge about flight navigation, aviation regulations, the physics of motion and engineering of aircraft and radio communications are learned. Advanced students may explore the possibilities of autonomous flight and develop strategies on how to plan and execute robotic operation of the aircraft.
NASA 2015 Awards Ceremony
In previous years, NFCC students participated in the NASA Engineering Competition for Florida Colleges. Our team placed first in the 2015 Competition.
Robotic Operation on Mars
Students operating their robotic vehicle on the simulated moon surface at Kennedy Space Center.
NASA 2016 Rocket Launch Preparation
Rocket Launch Preparation in the Rocket Garden of Kennedy Space Center
NASA 2016 Weather Balloon Launch
Weather Balloon Launch documented by the use of a drone.
NASA 2016 Awards Ceremony
Astronaut Capt. Jon McBride congratulates NFCC Competition Teams at the awards ceremony
NASA 2015 Competition Team
The Gold winning team from NFCC at the NASA Community College Engineering Competition 2015. Above: The team assembled in the early morning in KSC's Rocket Garden.