Hardee Center for the Arts

It is our goal to enrich community culture by offering a new exhibition each month of emerging and established artists. The gallery opened in September 2009 and continues to bring local, state and national artists to the NFCC campus. Exhibitions are scheduled a season in advance.

April 2018 Exhibit

The Hardee Center for the Arts is honored to exhibit work by Steven Labadessa during the month of April.

Regular Gallery Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Open to the public.
Hardee Center Exhibit Promotion April 2018
Artist Statement: I exact a preference for hyperbole (i.e., operatic) and psychological texture in my work, exploring within the confines of self-portraiture, that typically runs counter to modern western notions of beauty. Hence, figuratively and  literally theatrical, friends and relations, lasting and temporary, serve as a surrogate for me, as I re-render their flesh by “compositing” my imagery from a variety of sources. Ultimately, the work, in the abstract, considers the ways in which a person or persons can take on an iconic quality in memory, at the same time they
emblematize, retrospectively, a more universal human experience.  Alternatively, from a Gothic standpoint to allow a bit of play with the notions of “la petite mort” …the definition of portraiture can be expanded or collapsed (depending on your point of view) as the finite exchange  between artist and model that yields gives birth to/captures seemingly just a single fleeting moment in time (in actuality several moments composited together) and immortalizes it.